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Best Book Covers: Choosing the Design for your Book

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Best Book Covers: Choosing the Design for your Book

Whether you’re an established author or a new author, you have to attract the fanatic bookworms. In the readers’ community, individuals have their interest in reading books. You can’t limit readers to one genre. Based on their tastes and preferences, you as an author publishing book. Publishing a book isn’t all about a chunk of words. Your cover is as important as 200 plus pages. It’s the first thing that comes forth when the reader sees you. In cover design, you include various elements to describe a single message. You may have a good story, but a bad cover design can undermine the book. With all the efforts you’ve put inside, you deserve a winning cover. If you don’t want readers to overlook your book, combine all the elements in the capsule of wonders called ‘book.’ Let’s check out ideas on the best book cover design.

What kind of impression your book cover is creating?

Regardless of who you are, you need people to appreciate your work. But, is your cover design worth drooling? Can it pop out when readers are strolling off the aisle?

Cover design can catch customers’ attention. When hundreds of books are lined up, you can stand out with a good design. It’s the first impression that draws the reader to know more about your book. If the cover design falls in the right category, the reader won’t mind buying it.

Does your cover pass the eight seconds test?

Bookstore buyers take 8 seconds starring at the front cover and 15 seconds studying the back cover before placing an order. You should design a cover that kills your book. A good cover design carries the essence of the book. Just a glimpse of it can set the mood of the reader.

Covers help readers to decide if the book worth the purchase. Just a glimpse of it helps in knowing if it’s meant for them. After all, images are louder than pages full of text.

best book cover design

Best book cover design ideas

A well-designed cover talks about your genre, emotional cues, thumbnail, minimalistic, and stands out. Your book cover can be a turning point – whether or not readers will buy the book. Keep your fingers crossed if the cover is off the beat.

Great book covers give the adrenaline rush when the readers hold it. It provides the rush to open the book cover. Here is some book cover that cracks the spine in no time:

1. Bold typography goes on forever

Book covers with bold typography are constant. The big fonts scream loud and capture attention effortlessly. When you use old letters, it occupies most of the space on the book cover.

You don’t use bold typography in every book. Slab serif font or bold fonts are associated with confidence and solidity. You can use it to emphasize your context. Many authors give a personal touch to this typography with a brushstroke.

Browse Jonathan Safran Foer’s ‘HERE I AM.’ It’s a perfect example of bold typography.

2. Minimalism than you know

Minimalism can never go off the trend. In a noisy world, people long for less. Minimalism in book cover brings out the central character or theme.

There’s a considerable amount of white space to let the element stand out. ‘In the eyes of grace’ and ‘After him’ are the best of minimalist covers.

3. Handmade covers are artsy

Irrespective of your book’s age group, illustrated surfaces are groundbreaking. Hand-written texts have also not lost its luster. Covers like this are easily picked on the bookstore because it’s handmade.

Books such as ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ and ‘Tools of Titans’ proves that there’s hope to stand out where there is art.

4. The ’70s and ’80s are rads

Some styles are uber cool. You can’t get over them so quickly. They don’t fade away easily. It throws back memories, making you nostalgic right when you need it.

The fonts, colors, and images can jog someone’s memory. Books -‘Sex & Rage’ and ‘Goodbye Vitamin’ can give you the Generation X and Millennial demographic cohorts’ cusp.

You can also have a look at how to design a book cover.

5. Pop in pink to take center stage

Craving for the spotlight in the community of readers? A bit of pink (millennial) can do wonders. Millennial pink or blush pink is the color of now.

Millennial pink is a calming color associated with love, kindness, and femininity. Readers associate the color with feminine things. If the book is women-centric, you can make a dominating book cover. Emily Harper’s ‘White lies’ is one such book.

6. Collage is the new flair in publishing

Collage is where lit happens. It’s a trend hitting all the bookstores in force. Whether you create a collage digitally or with paper, scissors, and glue, the feeling is palpable.

Collage in the book cover creates distinction and offers a fresh perspective to the readers. Don’t mistake collage for a clustered design. Use transparent layers and bold textures and shapes to bring down monotony.

7. Use photography to be yourself

In a world of Shutterstock images, it’s easy to lose of sense of originality. Free photos aren’t bad, but you can’t stand out due to over-usage. Make a killer cover with your photos.

Hire a photographer or use a smartphone to get hi-res images. Photography brings out real emotions and makes it relatable.

8. High-end finishing are irresistible

Cover designing goes beyond graphics printed on the paper. Get access to the upscale printing presses and premium finishing elements. Make use of foil stamping and embossing on the While foil stamping and embossing in the book cover.

Although it’s expensive, the part sewn secures the binding. The laminated book cover has the highest shelf value. Try the glossy or matte finish, which are best known for the unmatched beauty.


A good book cover design will keep the reader glued to your book. If you’re uncertain about what works best for your book, take the advice of professional designers. Now, create a book cover that’s easy to ‘get lost in’ for the reader.

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