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Minimalist logos are today’s show’s topper found in every industry and fit any brand identity. Be it the elusive ghost icon of Snapchat or the two-toned NBA silhouette. Why leave the pared-down logos of Mozilla? By using a few elements, these eye-catching logos push the boundaries of creativity.

Anyone who hears about minimalist design for the first time might feel like an absence of design. But don’t fool yourself with the name. When done right, minimalist logos can stand out as top-notch. They can do away with visual clutter and can make your brand unique for all the right reasons.

Before we delve deep into minimalist logos, let’s learn a much more about minimalism.

What is Minimalism?

This is a creative strategy that involves stripping away embellishments and reducing the art to its simplest forms. This is mainly inspired by the idea that “less is more.” But don’t confuse yourself by being crude or plain in minimalism. The focus point of simplicity is a feature to highlight the bare and the unadorned beauty of the art form without relying on other shallow elements. The more you are able to remove a design’s ornamentation and the more you reveal the design’s ingenuity.

Minimalism is a natural characteristic of a logo. Since you work on a tiny canvas, designs tend to lose their clarity as you include more details. But when you design a logo with the required balance of simplicity and nuance, your logo should be able to make a big statement. Here are the common characteristics which should be a part of minimalist design.

Geometric shapes

What shall we call the back to basics than the fundamentals shapes like squares, circles, rectangles, triangles that can bring the right balance and proportion to minimalist logos? The subtle interplay of shapes is often the center point of a design. Brands such as Windows, Target, BMW easily fall in your eyes. The finished logo design is clear and orderly also memorable. The beauty of minimalist designs is that you can use simple shapes to build creative logos as long as the overall form is clean and neat.

Flat and monoline logo examples

Flat and monoline forms

Off late, flat logos are what is dominating in the creative market. The main reason being, 2D images are easy to replicate without any distortion. Instead of fancy graphics, flat graphics rely on clever usage of space to create an overwhelming impact. Monoline designs are another branch of this trend that uses few continuous lines for a complete drawing.

Simple Color scheme logo examples

Simple color schemes

Minimalist logos are usually bright and muted, but colors that are used are rarely elaborate. In many cases, black and white are the most prominent colors that too in wordmarks. Commonly a single or two-toned color scheme is accompanied in the majority of negative space is used.

Negative space has an attractive characteristic of removing distracting elements and encourages you to focus more on a design’s visually artful aspect. Some big players like Google Chrome have used colors in a smart as well as a balanced layout.

Bold start typography logo examples

Bold and stark typography

Standalone wordmarks are what take center stage in minimalist design. They catch not only your attention but also emphasize brand recognition over derivative images. Minimalist wors generally use a heavy bold or slim lowercase font. Collaborating both styles can result in sleek, modern, and aesthetic design that feels sophisticated and timeless.

To add a pinch of visual excitement, many brands tweak sections of a wordmark and use color or form to create an appealing focal point. Logo designers love to explore by removing pieces of letters while retaining the word’s legibility.

Alternatively, you can also get in the opposite direction and choose a fancy hand-drawn wordmark in a signature style typeface.

You can also go in the opposite direction and choose a fanciful hand-drawn wordmark in a signature typeface.

Examples of logos using minimalist design

Nuanced imagery

Nuance is the brains behind minimalism. Designers also would want to experiment with a sense of surprise element when you look at ultra- simplified design concept. From a business point of view, it is only through nuance one can achieve great branding. A logo with nuances is what is clever and recognizable among your audience, as it doesn’t confuse them with other brands.

Look for opportunities where you can transform your familiar shapes into animals, letters, and objects. Think about the pieces of design you can take away to produce a more creative image.

What are the benefits of minimal logos?

Minimalism logo design is always evolving, but its core remains unchanged. Clean lines, simple colors, 2 d shapes- all with the least amount of ornamentation. Why? Simple designs are easy to identify and remember.

Logos from big brands have become easily memorable to the extent that even if they are being torn into pieces, you can still identify them. As you keep incorporating more and more elements, logos get harder and harder to remember. Since making your business name prominent is the main purpose of a logo, over-designing it is definitely counterproductive. For small business owners and as well as developing industries–– using a minimalist logo design is cost as well as time-efficient. These logo designs are timeless and keep growing with your business as time flies. Not to mention, they are even less expensive to print. If you are new to the market and are looking forward to adding visual art to your brand, then you should blindly go for minimal logos that can get the most value for your brand, regardless of the industry. Also, the minimal logo design process is easy.

Examples of Creative Minimalist design logo

Minimalist Circle Logo Designs

99designs contest winner for MVO

Minimalist Triangle Logo Designs

Minimalist Square Logo Designs

Flat Minimalist Logo Designs

Minimalist Typography Designs

Simple typographic logo
Simple typographic logo

There are certain reasons to consider while incorporating minimalist design to your logo. You necessarily do not need to abide by each one of them, but if you want to come up with a fantastic minimalist logo design, try to implement them all.

Keep it flat:

Get rid of 3D shapes, remove color gradients, and other effects.

Incorporate single color:

You can make a great impact by using a single color—experiment with different colors and shades to see which makes a better impression.

Remove the redundant features:

Consider cropping of all the extras that aren’t needed. This could be anything and everything from a second icon to extra lines to keywords that are too much in your logo. This is much easier when you do it from scratch using a logo creator. But if you are redesigning a logo, it can be hard to decide what to lose.

Choose a font face with personality:

Since minimal designs should be so minimal, every element has to create an impact. This means you shouldn’t neglect the typography which you use. Make sure to choose a font that says something about your brand, which really matters to be known. Keep the required space between and ensure that it is easily identifiable;

Give enough space:

Make sure not to crowd the elements present in your logo.

Keep an eye on negative space: 

If you really wish for your minimalist logo to stand out, then use negative space. This is where you can create a beautiful design between two different objects.

Rebranded minimalist logos inspiration:

First Ford Motor Company Logo
Current Ford Motor Company Logo
Google logo from May, 1999 to May, 2010
Current Google logo, put into use in September of 2015
Federal Express (now FedEx) logo from 1973
Current FedEx logo
Nike logo rebranding


There are plenty of pros to consider for a minimalist logo. A clean, catchy design is always appealing as well as memorable amidst your audience. Plus, it also lets your brand straightforwardly interact with them. All that makes a minimalist logo an invincible tool that creates unique customer service. Nevertheless, before designing your icon, take time to do detailed research of your target market and make sure that simple design is what your brand needs to achieve its goals. If you are a startup, you can use the help of logo maker tools available online to create stunning minimalist logo designs.