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Tips To Create A Youtube Banner

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For all of those who run a YouTube channel, you might be thinking that producing quality videos is enough to take your channel to the next level. Yes, that’s true. It’s not videos alone; you also need to have a memorable YouTube banner that tells your audience about your creativity and what your channel has to offer to them. The customized well designed YouTube banners give the audience a sense of what the channel has to offer them. It also gives a professional finish to their profiles.

A consistent and recognizable visual branding is the key to your YouTube channel following. YouTube banner is an important first step in marketing your YouTube channel. Also, increases the chance to get more eyes on your videos.

How to Make a YouTube Banner?

If you are an amateur designer, the idea of creating your YouTube banner from scratch might feel a bit daunting. That’s why before moving into tips to create a YouTube banner, you should know a shortcut to de-stress yourselves.

Start designing your YouTube banner by using YouTube banner templates as a foundation for your design, which will help you as a beginner. A template not only guides your design but also ensures that your banner uses the correct dimensions. The universally recommended YouTube banner size is 2560x 1440 pixels. So use your space wisely.

Let’s get going with the essential tips you need to keep in mind while designing your YouTube banners.

Pick a banner layout that fits your vision

Brandino ref image Youtube banner ATD

When you are selecting a YouTube banner template, you must always look for a layout that would work for you. Think about where your banner’s focus must be and the effect it has to have on your audience.

These are few basic banner layouts for you start with:

 Centered title layout

If you want your title in the center of your banner, lay emphasis on the font. A symmetrical layout will make your title look a bit bold and focussed.

Asymmetrical layout

Youtube banner ref ATD

You can play around with an asymmetrical layout. Typically you can place your title to one side of the banner and balance it with an image on the other side.

Sectioned layout

Youtube banner ref ATD

Reference image

If you want to include multiple images in your banner, you can divide your banner into sections. To prevent an uncluttered banner, make your sections even in their width.

Offer a window on what your viewers can expect.

Reference image

The odds are, people might land on your channel in two ways:

They would have watched one of your videos and wanted more, or someone had linked them to your channel.

Your banner can indicate to your audience whether or not your channel will offer them more of what they will be interested in. That means it should have a style, tagline, and images that should provide people with a bit-sized view of what your channel is all about. For example, if you are a travel vlogger, your YouTube channel’s banner should indicate to visitors that they can expect many expeditions from your channel.

Associate your brand with your YouTube banner

Reference image

What’s your channel’s pitch and core value proposition? Include your catchy tagline in your banner. Typically, it’s common among YouTubers to include their tagline at the top or bottom of their banners. To avoid too much cluttering, keep your tagline as one sentence. Another choice is to include your website URL in your YouTube banner. That also helps spread awareness about your brand. If you aren’t sure about what tagline to have for your brand, some YouTube brand development will help. It would be best if you also considered how you want to position your brand.

Keep your banner design simple.

Reference image

With the limited space available, you can’t pack too many design elements. That’s why it’s best to keep your banner design simple. For example, use a photo as your background with just your title, logo, and nothing else.

You can make text pop from the background by using a transparent overlay so you can read the text without tampering with your background image. If you want, you can also drive more focus to the title in your banner design.

Use a font that reflects a mood.

The font you incorporate can communicate the tone, style, and even topic of your channel. That’s because people tend to relate different personalities with different fonts.

Different fonts are associated with various industries. San Serif fonts are more common in branding for tech companies. While specific fonts have a reliable and traditional look, other fonts are casual and playful.

Use a high-quality photo.

If you are planning to use a picture, make sure it’s high quality. A blurry image can ruin an incredible design. The photos you use should have a minimum resolution of 100-150 dpi.

Most stock photo websites like Unsplash or Pexels will provide high-quality images. But if you are using your pictures, make sure they are crisp and clean when you upload them.

Include a call to action CTA in your banner

Your YouTube banner is like the real estate of your YouTube profile. If there is an action you want your viewers to take( like clicking the subscribe button), why not include that in your banner. A CTA or call-to-action button is a button that asks your views to do a specific thing, like following you on other social media channels or your newsletter.

If you are a merchandise seller, use any of your upcoming events to notify your audience about it, and your banner is a great place to mention it.

You can even link it to your online store directly in your banner. That’s just one of the ways to sell on YouTube effectively. If you are a YouTuber who does video and sells a digital product, you can make four times more than just the YouTube Ad income.

Coordinate your YouTube banner with your channel’s icon

If you want your YouTube profile to be professional, all design elements must blend seamlessly. The first thing your viewers will probably look at is your banner. The second one is your channel icon. It’s a cool idea to use the same color scheme and visual style in both elements. Typically you can incorporate your brand colors.

Be mindful of design trends in your niche.

For example, if yours is a baking channel, you can use a pastel color scheme. Personal font and whimsical pictures are what your viewers would expect from your channel. Whatever your channel’s niche is, incorporate the designs which match it.

Create a subtle YouTube banner template that you can repurpose

If you have already designed your YouTube banner that you want to use, why not make it into a template that you can repurpose repeatedly. A custom template design will come in handy if you want to switch up your banner design periodically. For example, you could just simply swap the background image with what you are promoting at the moment.

Using this sample template keeps your channel designs flowing while also maintaining a recognizable visual branding. You can use the same template multiple times.

Include a light border around your banner

Minimalistic designs have become so popular of late as they are simple. Designers use exactly what they need to convey effectively—just no more or no less.

A simple border will give a minimalistic YouTube banner a definable edge and focus the viewer’s eye to the center of your banner. This approach can also push people towards a call to action.

Use a banner background image that reflects on the theme of your brand.

There are millions of stock images to use, but it becomes vague if you use something randomly without any connection. They work fine for some channels, but not, of course, for your YouTube banner.

A vague banner can even turn off your potential viewers, and you aim to engage them and not bore them. A random sunset or sunrise video is not going to keep them pumped to stay on your page.

Position your title in the corner of your banner include a brief summary in your YouTube banner

Throughout this blog, we have seen that only the text in the center gets more focus. But, if you want to try an unconventional layout, place your title in the corners of your banner. This is one way to stand out on crowded platforms like YouTube.

Include a summary in your YouTube banner

When it comes to social media, we are all lazy. We barely read before moving on. You can make skimming easy for your viewers by offering a brief description of your channel. A simple one-sentence tagline can work wonders for it. Try to make it as direct as possible and inspire them to want more.

By incorporating a quality YouTube banner, you are one step closer to growing your audience. You have to make an excellent first impression, and that cannot happen just with videos that have great content. Remember creating a solid and effective banner will require a multi-faceted approach beyond only the videos you put out.

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