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8 Coolest Youtube Banner Ideas For Design Inspiration

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When we come across an engaging video, our reflex would be to “like” it and subscribe to the channel. If it had hit you with its depth, you would want to know more about its creator. Whether it is an ad agency or a small/medium company, or a B2B tech company? No matter who that is, you want to see more from the creator. A YouTube channel’s banner should have a sense of what the channel has to offer you. Also, it gives the profiles a professional finish. You need to have a consistent and recognizable visual branding for growing your YouTube fan following. And this is one of the ways you will get more eyes on your videos. Check out on youtube banner design ideas

What makes a good YouTube banner design?

1. Responsive Dimensions:

A YouTube channel’s banner dimension may take different dimensions depending on the medium it is being viewed. For instance, a banner might have a different dimension when viewed on Television, Desktop, or mobile devices.

A suggested YouTube banner dimension by Google is:

  • Recommended: 2560 x 1440 px
  • Minimum for upload: 2048 x 1152 px
  • A minimum safe area to ensure that text and logos are not cut off: 1546 x 423 px
  • Maximum width: 2560 x 423 px
  • File size: 4MB or smaller

Though the recommended resolution might seem like exorbitantly big file size, imagine how it would appear on a 30” smart TV or higher. With the evolution of newer technologies and devices every day, options to view YouTube videos are also growing. So, you should make sure your channel’s banner is large enough to display with quality even on large screens.

2. Balanced Design:

Your YouTube channel’s banner is the biggest branding opportunity, as that’s what people see when they land on your YouTube channel. So, you have to make sure your logo and supporting text is well-represented in the banner. That’s why it’s the best place to post your company name and logo in the center space- this also prevents confusion among viewers when your company name is accidentally cut off. If you have not come up with a banner for a 2560×1440 frame, start building an image from the middle out, putting the most important in the center, and going from there.

What to include in your YouTube banner?

1. Use a high-resolution image

A pixelated or a blurred YouTube banner doesn’t give any positive signal that the channel has high-quality videos to offer.

2. Keep it on-brand

Your channel’s banner doesn’t need to be the carbon copy of your logo or tagline; it should incorporate some visual elements that you want to be related to your brands, like certain colors, fonts, or keywords.

Your banner should represent what your company does in a timely fashion. For example, if you are running a bakery and you are gearing up for a summer sale, an eye-catching banner would be a high-resolution photo of bright flour and rolling pin with accompanying fancy texts.

How to Make a YouTube Banner?

1. Google

How about starting with the hosting platform itself? Google has its own channel of art templates to help you start with your banner design. ( Clicking on the link will prompt you for an automatic download of a zip file containing templates)

2. Canva

One of the go-to platforms for DIY kind of design is Canva. It offers several YouTube channel templates that allow you to use your own art/ library of stock photography.

3. Fotor

Just like Canva, Fotor also offers a variety of free YouTube banner templates that allows you to use your visuals or its library of images.

7 Cool Youtube Banner Design Ideas

Credits: Death Coffee

1. Death Coffee

In 2016, Death Coffee was the winner of a small business marketing competition, which was held by a software company Intuit. The reward was a free 30-seconds commercial during Super Bowl 50. From then, the self- proclaimed maker of “ The world’s toughest coffee” has caught the attention of that momentum by making sure it’s branding stays robust.

It’s former YouTube banner is not an exception. It’s straightforward and bold. Death Coffee’s logo is tastefully displayed as the channel icon, as well as the watermark that doesn’t interfere with text display. And that message clearly conveys what the brand does.

Credits: Adobe Creative Cloud

2. Adobe Creative Cloud

Turquoise has always been a color of aesthetic bias, and that’s the banner color of Adobe Creative Cloud’s YouTube channel. But color can have a lot of impact in marketing- shades of blues, for example, have been found to invoke feelings of trust.

This banner doesn’t just make great use of colors; it also emotes creativity and visual quality- these are two things that the Adobe Creative Cloud promises with its suite products. The person depicted in the banners seems like creating something remarkable- like an ocean inside a balloon- the text accompanying confirms that; “ Make Wow.” Plus, if you wish to learn more, they have placed the social buttons right there within the image.

Credits: Bon Appetit

3. Bon Appetit

Many of us use YouTube to search for recipes, as video tutorials are the best way to learn and even prepare them side-by-side. There are plenty of cookery YouTube channels and magazines which have plenty of fan following. Bon Appetit is one such Food magazine that has a channel on YouTube. By the name itself, one would have raised their expectations on how the channel must be filled with, and only appetizing and delicious food. The phrase “Bon Appetite” is frequently used before a meal, and it’s also the title of a famous pop song. So all these increase the hype among people.

This channel must have everything creatively yummy as people want,

to satisfy people’s expectations. Bon Appetite has understood this and has incorporated a great banner that has the branding done clear. It has the logo to the title placed in the center of the image. The image itself sends people a message on what type of content they can expect from a YouTube channel. If people start watching their videos, it’s definitely “All things food.”

Credits: Taulia Inc

4. Taulia Inc

The best thing about YouTube banners is they are flexible. It can be swapped or modified, however, or whenever you want. This makes them utilize it effectively for temporary promotions or campaigns. This is what Tech company Tulia did for its campaign “P2P superheroes”. It’s a campaign that shows how software can cut difficult and time consuming tasks, that also helps everyday professionals focus more on the work that matters and transform them into superheroes.

Tulia Inc’s banner communicates two things: 1. It’s business focuses on P2P (“Procure to pay”), and 2. The brand also celebrates procurement experts. And by using its original cartoon-like-art, Tulia is turning a dry topic into something fun and interesting.

Credits: Refinery29

5. Refinery29

A brand that showcases its people who have made it grow has great respect. That’s one best trait of Refinery29, and it does this well through its YouTube channel. It regularly features all its writers, editors, and content producers in all the videos. As it turns out, they have also become quite popular people- that is why the brand has used them in the front and center of its YouTube channel banner.

Creating a banner design like this is two-fold. First, you need to find a way to incorporate your company talent into your videos in a way that is fun and engaging that appeals to your audience. For example, if you want to feature your blog writers, they can probably recount their experiences in video and audio summaries. If you have once produced such kind of content in your videos consistently and you find it gaining the right kind of attention, you can use those personalities for promotion.

Credits: TripAdvisor B2B

6. TripAdvisor

Travel has been a matter of fascination for everyone from 6-year-old to 60-year-old. TripAdvisor has been a resource used by millions and millions of travelers to explore the best lodging, restaurants, and much more endless information about astounding destinations. But how many of you know that they also offer B2B services for hotels and also other property owners for extending their presence on the site.

It could also be considered a hybrid of review site Yelp and vacation rental site Airbnb. On the one hand, it helps business owners create a profile with images, descriptions, and information that is going to help travelers. On the other hand, it is also like Yelp, reviewing, and replying to the comments their business receives.

That is very well seen in their YouTube banner that portrays what their business is all about- travel- and depicts the visitors’ feedback on their experiences by way of the rating symbol.

Credits: Nuvolari Lenard

7. Nuvolari Lenard

One stand-alone thing about Nuvolari Lenard’s banner is its simplicity. It represents the yacht design company, which is predominantly known for its work, which emulates luxury and chic lifestyle. Though the channel’s banner doesn’t represent anything specifically nautical, the usage of capital letters and tied monochrome symbolizes a high-end brand.

These digital aesthetics create what’s called aspirational marketing. This kind symbolizes something which is hardly attainable by most but still has a vast fan following from people who love the look and feel the brand. Though many can’t afford a yacht, seeing something like it would make people want one anyway. Also, it would want to make them look at videos pertaining to it.

It’s important to take note that a really engaging YouTube Channel is just one part of a comprehensive video content strategy. However beautiful your banner is, if your channel lacks video quality or hasn’t added anything new, then it’s just a waste of time.

So, along with great design, consistency plays an important role too. If you start creating both, you can also turn as one of these inspirations mentioned above.

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