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Social Media Image Sizes for 2021 – The Complete Guide

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Yes, it does when it comes to social media images. Your main aim, as a marketer, is to induce an impact on your audience. The success of brand promotion and marketing depends on how well the customers recognize your brand when they come across an image, a logo or an ad.

Every time we talk about reaching the audience through visual content, it was generally about the billboards, posters, brochures, flyers and website designs. Today, social media ads are often the first thing that marketers focus on for brand promotion, sales, creating loyal customers etc.

Social media these days are being flooded with ads of various products, brands, and services from different industries. It is your job as a marketer to make your brand look unique and stand out from other ads.

There are many social media platforms and a lot of ways in those platforms through which you can advertise. Images and videos are an integral part of those ads. Sizes of images and videos can make or break an ad. To make things easier, I am going to break down the preferred size and quality of images in social media ads.

With more than 2.2 billion monthly users Facebook is the world’s largest social networking site. Facebook gets updated regularly. Hence, social media images should also be redesigned according to the updated features to gain attention.


Profile photos 180 x 180 pixels
180 x 180 px is the minimum pixels required for profile pictures. If you want to make your brand look legit, double the pixel size. The image quality of a brand speaks volumes. Thus to make your logo look good, go with the high pixel quality. Facebook recently changed the appearance of profile pictures from square to circular. So, make sure you don’t have any important content on the corners of an image that may possibly be cut out.

Remember, your picture appears differently on a page and on thumbnail.

170 x 170 px will appear on a page.

32 x 32 px will appear on thumbnail.

Cover photos 820 x 312 px
399 x 150 px is the least size for a cover image. Cover image appears on a desktop at 820 x 312 px so, it is better to upload pictures at 851 x 315 px. Images less than the desktop size would be stretched, which wouldn’t be good for business. Hence, it’s better to upload images less than 100KB in RBG JPG file. If you want to set your logo or any text as cover I would recommend you to upload as PNG.

Facebook’s latest update allows you to set a video in the cover image. This is a great advantage for businesses to tell their brand story in a short and effective manner. 820 x 312 px is the size for cover video as well.

640 x 360 px is the display size in smartphones.

20.09 seconds is the time limit for cover video.

820 x 428 px is the size of a cover photo for the Facebook group

Shared Images 1200 x 630 px
399 x 150 px is the minimum size for shared images. Image sharing on Facebook is very popular. It means that we can reach a maximum number of people through shared images. These are the images that will appear on your timeline and your followers’ news feed. So, it is necessary to upload the right size of the image.

470 px is the maximum width of the image appearing on news feed

504 px is the maximum width of the image appearing on page

Shared Links 1200 x 630 px
Shared links in Facebook allows you to copy any link on your page. You can either choose up to 10 images and make it run in a carousel, like a scrolling ad or upload a new image to go with the link.
If you have many followers on facebook then with the help of shared links you can direct them to your website.

154 x 154 px is the least size for a square photo on feed.

116 x 116 px is the least size for a square photo on the page.

470 x 276 px is the least size for a rectangular photo on feed.

484 x 252 px is the least size for a rectangular photo on the page.

Highlighted Images 1200 x 717 px
Highlighted images are created in Facebook to celebrate something related to your organization. When you have achieved something or want to convey something important to your followers, try using highlighted images.

843 x 504 px is the display size on page.

Event Image 1920 x 1080 px
Facebook events serves as a reminder to audience. It also helps the company to interact and engage with their customers. Event images capture the attention of people quickly.

470 x 174 px is the size that Facebook will scale to.

470 x 174 px is the display size in feed.

Instagram has a billion active users per month. It is one of the most popular and top photo sharing sites. Since most of the Instagram users are youngsters, it is important for businesses to get their attention and convert them into potential customers. Images are an excellent tool to interact with young audience.


Profile photos 110 x 110 px
110 x 110 px is the least size for profile pictures but, it is recommended to upload images with 180 x 180 px. You can set your logo as profile pictures to register your brand to the audience.

110 x 110 px is the size of your profile picture on a mobile homepage.

152 x 152 px is the size of your profile picture on a desktop.

Photo Thumbnails 161 x 161 px
Thumbnails are the images arranged in an order that is viewed by others when they visit your page. The uploaded images should be with high resolution and good content so that it would intrigue the visitor to click on that picture.

Photos 1080 x 1080 px
Photos are the most important component of Instagram. Pictures taken from Instagram has higher resolution than uploaded pictures. The pictures that you upload will appear in the newsfeed of your followers. Do you want the followers to become your loyal customers? Then let the images do the talking.

612 x 612 px is the size that instagram scales down your image to.

510 x 510 px is the display size in the feed.

Instagram Stories 1080 x 1920 px
600 x 1067 px is the minimum resolution for instagram stories. But, 1080 x 1920 px is recommended for better picture quality. Instagram stories is an essential element of the site and is useful to keep the followers engaging. You can add both images and videos in the stories.

750 x 1334 px is the recommended size for videos in instagram stories.

10 seconds is the maximum duration for a video.


According to the statistics Pinterest had 200 million users per month, among which 80% are women. Pinterest offers a variety of topics ranging from photography, design to crafts, food etc.that might interest its users. Pinterest’s DIY is a huge hit among the users as it is more interactive in nature.


Pinterest Profile Picture 165 x 165 px
280 x 280 px is highly recommended for the profile image. Though, the minimum pixel quality is less, your business or service relies totally on the profile image as there is no designation to set a cover image.

188 x 188 px is the size displayed in desktop.

32 x 32 px is the size your image appears on rest of Pinterest.

Anything lesser than 10 MB would be suitable.

Pin Image 236 x 236 px
600 x 900 px is the recommended pixels for a pin image. Add or create pins that are relevant to your product or brand. Pinterest restricts the width of the image to 600 pixels whereas allows the image to be lengthier. So, when you want to create a pin add an image with high resolution so as to impact people.

236 x auto is the image size displayed in a desktop.

2:3 is the aspect ratio.

Pinterest board 222 x 150 px
Pinterest boards are very interesting for people. It is often the first thing they check out when they visit your page. So, it is important to have images that are perfectly fit with good resolution. Do not put misleading or irrelevant images on your dashboard. Guide your audience in the right manner to turn them into a customer.

55 x 55 px appears on smaller thumbnail.


Twitter is one of the top social networking platforms to reach audience instantaneously (if your tweet is interesting). With 335 million active users every month, twitter accounts as a significant platform for brand promotion. Twitter is also known as a microblogging site since it has a word limit. Twitter initially with a limit of 140 characters has now increased its limit to 280. The real test of the ability to convey a message within the specified word limit is what makes the twitter interesting.


Profile picture 400 x 400 px
It is necessary that you select your profile picture with utmost care as this is the image that would appear on your page when you tweet, when someone retweets and when you are being suggested to be followed. Your profile will look larger only on your page, for others, it will be appearing very small. Thus, keep an image that would be recognizable even if it is shrunk.

200 x 200 px is the display size.

2 MB is the limit for file size.

Header Photo 1500 x 500 px
The cover photo is called as header photo in twitter. It is visible only when a twitterati visits your page. It is also a great way for you to explain about your brand through a tagline or mission statement. Ensure that you keep an image with high resolution since this is the only place to impress the crowd.

1903 x 634 px is the display size in a desktop.

10 MB is the maximum size for a JPG, PNG or GIF image.

Timeline pictures 440 x 220 px
1024 x 512 px is the maximum size for an instream photo. Images add immense value to your message. You can also add video along with the content for promoting your brand, announcing offers, explaining your brand story etc.

506 x 253 px is the display size in desktop.

5 MB is the limit for JPG image.

3 MB is the limit for GIF image.


LinkedIn, owned by Microsoft released a report in April 2017, stating it has reached 500 million users. LinkedIn, one of the top sites for making building links with professionals and finding job opportunities is a must for a marketer. LinkedIn doesn’t have a word limit yet, people keep their posts crisp and concise as it depicts professionalism.

Profile Image 400 x 400 px
LinkedIn profile pictures for personal pages differ in appearance from company profiles. If you are a marketer with your personal page then your image appears circular. Whereas, if you’ve got a company page then your logo would appear on a small square box.

152 x 152 px is the display size of personal profile image on desktop.

128 x 128 px is the display size of company logo on desktop.

Personal Cover image 1584 x 396 px
If you are a marketer, you can endorse a product or brand through your background image.

792 x 128 is the display size in desktop.

Company Cover Image 1536 x 768 px
Background photo speaks volume for a company page. Since you would be visited either by potential clients or by job seekers, it is important to create a good image of your brand. Cover images can represent the worthiness of your brand to potential clients.

1400 x 425 px is the display size in desktop.


Tumblr is a blogging platform. It also allows its users to share images, music files and videos along with blog posts. As of July 2018, Tumblr has 426 million blog accounts.


Profile Pictures 128 x 128 px
Profile images at the site are known as Tumblr Avatar. These images will show up on your followers’ news feed. It will appear on your profile page based on the theme you set. Tumblr allows you to customize your page. You can also set a header image and change the theme accordingly so that it is visible for a visitor.

64 x 64 px is the display size in desktop.

Image Posts 500 x 750 px
Tumblr image posts can be sent to your followers. Since, Tumblr’s theme is customizable you have the choice to upload images with varied sizes.

1280 x 1920 px is the maximum limit for images.

500 x 750 px is the desktop display size.

10 MB is the maximum limit for images.

1 MB is the maximum limit for animated GIFs.

500 pixels is the maximum size limit.


With 2 billion registered users and 395 million monthly active users, google+ ranks in the fifth place among other social media platforms. Google+ might not be considered as a conventional networking site yet, it is important for businesses and marketers to improve their SEO.

Profile Pictures 250 x 250 px
Profile images of your Google+ account may show up as the image in the google search so, it is better to keep an image with high resolution. Logos, in general, are a good choice for a profile picture. You would upload the picture in a square but it will show in a circular format so, keep a picture that doesn’t contain any important information on the sides.

Cover Photo 1084 x 610 px
Cover images give you enough space to represent your company through an image. The image should impact the visitors.

2120 x 1192 px is the maximum size limit.

Shared Images 497 x 373 px
Google+ allows you to share images with an individual, circle, community, collection or publicly. The followers of your account are grouped under circle based on certain criteria. A group of people with similar likes and dislikes can share images through a community. A collection is like the pictures that are organized based on their relevance to topics.

2048 x 2048 px is the maximum size limit.

Shared Link Image 150 x 150 px
When you share a link of a website in Google+ it selects a picture from the site that would appear on the news feed. If there are multiple pictures, you will have a choice to select any one image.

Shared Video 496 px wide
Videos are useful for storytelling or to portray ads about your company. So, try sharing a video in the rightful circle.


YouTube, a primary video sharing platform has 1.8 billion monthly active users. Most companies fail to recognize this platform and the reach it has among people. You can make videos on workplace environment of your company or tutorial based videos or video on how the company started, what it aims to achieve and so on. You will never know when you will become viral.

Profile Image 800 x 800 px
You can set a profile picture for your channel. The image may be your logo or the CEO of the company or a person who can become the face of the company.

98 x 98 px is the display size.

Cover Image 2560 x 1440 px
Cover images should entice audience. Each device has each display size for a cover image. So, set your cover photo accordingly.

1855 x 423 px is display size for tablet.

1546 x 423 px is display size for mobile.

2560 x 1440 px is display size for television.

2560 x 423 px is display size for desktop.

Videos 1280 x 720 px
This the minimum limit to make your video in high definition. Videos with poor quality or that restrain our eyes are hard to concentrate on.


Snapchat with 191 million users serves as the best site to run advertising campaigns. You can also take pictures using geofilters from the app.


1080 x 1920 pixels are minimum limit for quality.

10 seconds is the time limit to run an ad.

32 MB is the maximum file size for an ad.

250 KB is the file size limit for an image.


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