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Find out 11 Book covers that are worth judging

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It may sound cliche, but the readers judge your book by its cover. Most readers pick the book based on what they see first. If the book covers don’t pique them, they will invest in it.

Designing a book cover could be a daunting task if you’re publishing your debut book. To design a cover that hits the bookshelf takes a lot. Your cover should give the glimpse of your book.

As an author, you want your book to shine from the shelf. But, if the readers ignore your book, you feel rejected. What is the cause of failure? Why is your book, unnoticed?

The reason for the readers’ disconnection is discontentment. When they can’t relate to your cover, you face disapproval. You may have a good book, but if it’s not worthy of peeking inside, it’s no use.

Think of it; why would someone spend on something that isn’t appealing at all? But then, there are books that readers are never tired of reading. You can skyrocket your book sales with a compelling cover. An eye-catchy cover can flip open the book.

Eleven international books that are known for its cover

2020 has seen many bad things happen. But, despite all these, many bookworms have resolved themselves to find pleasure in reading new books. Here are the top eleven heart-winning book covers that is making them sail through this pandemic:


Written by Sayaka and designed by Luke Bird come as pulp science fiction. As you open it, the book unfolds how well-read. It’s a period of publishing in the 1930s-1950s when science fiction magazines were published on cheap paper.

The design of the cover has minimal colorways. The designer uses minimalism to make the elements stand out. What makes the book different from the rest is the black space.


Pete Beatty’s book ‘Cuyahoga’ cover design sets the tone of exaggeration. It would help if you sneaked inside to know the interpretation of the text and imageries.


Novelist Phil Klay wrote his second feat when he published single-titled ‘Missionaries.’ The book is about the traumatizing experiences of covering the over-optimistic US military.

In his cover, Phil uses explosive bullets to show his earlier marine life.

4.The Blind Light

There’s a lot to savor in this book. The novel is a thought-provoking study of the effect of fear. It talks about how you harm yourself and others. Fear cripples you to look beyond yourself.

The design of the book cover is similar to the study of the book. Light falling on the covers hides the texts. While the light is cracking open, it’s hiding the texts. The designer uses the farmland as a backdrop with texts stretching the entire area.

5. The Lost Stetle

Here’s another daring book cover. This weird cover has a tiny title. The entire cover has patterns off one’s nut. Stephen Brayda is the designer of the book cover.

The art throughout the cover is spunky. The designer gives the feeling of the trees these trees might feel. He wants the reader to get lost to discover themselves.

6.The Ring Shout

Award-winner P. Djèlí Clark returns with ‘The Ring Shout.’ It’s a dark fantasy historical short novel. The book is an unflinching look at the Ku Klux Klan’s reign of terror. The choice of colors (red and black) depicts something horrible.

7.Brave New Home

Diana Lind is a writer and urban policy specialist. The cover of her book ‘Brave New Home’ is a 4.5-star nonfiction book.

In her book, she raises the question: How can one move beyond the white picket fence and sustain all the Americans? It’s a bold type of book. It resembles fashion plates. The stand-alone image goes with the title.

8.Poems The Historians

Eavan Boland’s book cover follows fashion plates. He has played with the typography, which makes the cover pop out. Though the design is subtle, it’s worth the second glance.

9.Stranger Faces

‘Stranger Faces’ has an artsy cover. Namwali Serpell uses minimalism of elements in his cover. The use of elements makes the concept easy to understand. Some people love the cover so much that they use it as a wall hanger.

10. The Fallen Angel

Daniel Silva’s ‘The Fallen Angel’ is an intoxicating blend of art, intrigue, and history. He uses the same elements in all his books to keep consistency.

‘The Fallen Angel’ is about a murder that was misunderstood as a suicide. The image of an angel goes with the title. It also shows that the story revolves around Vatican City.

The cover color also speaks about the genre. If you remember color psychology, you know what it means. The black color signifies mystery, and the white means innocence.

11.The Girl On The Train

‘The Girl On The Train’ is Paula Hawkins’ thriller novel. It’s one of those books that can easily break its spine.

The blurriness of the train in the backdrop and the font shows the transition. The author has used it to reveal the character’s trait. She is enigmatic. There’s an additional crystal clear tagline – YOU DON’T KNOW HER. SHE KNOWS YOU. It gives a sense of the protagonist’s gender.

Finally, not all who wander get lost. Some find books that are worth remembering. YOUR BOOK CAN BE ONE OF THEM. Don’t make your readers play, hide and seek. Be a cover that says, “I can offer what you’re looking for.”

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